Charles Leclerc races Michael Schumacher’s historic V10 Ferrari F1 car

Charles Leclerc V10 Michael Schumacher

Charles Leclerc’s amazing lap in Michael Schumacher’s championship-winning Ferrari sent the audience back in time.

Charles Leclerc V10 Michael Schumacher

Charles Leclerc was recently offered a chance to race Michael Schumacher’s championship-winning Ferrari 

Leclerc uploaded a footage of the onboard camera as he raced around the Abu Dhabi track on his 3-liter V10-powered car.

Surprisingly, their 2003 F1 car actually participated in 12 of the season’s 16 races. Due to the car’s delayed delivery, Schumacher and driver Rubens Barrichello competed in the first four races of the season in the 2002 vehicle.

Seven Formula One victories were achieved with the car, including the fifth of a six-year Constructors’ Championship winning streak.

Check out the video below!

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