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Charles Leclerc races Michael Schumacher’s historic V10 Ferrari F1 car

Charles Leclerc V10 Michael Schumacher

Charles Leclerc’s amazing lap in Michael Schumacher’s championship-winning Ferrari sent the audience back in time. Charles Leclerc was recently offered a chance to race Michael Schumacher’s championship-winning Ferrari  Leclerc uploaded a footage of the onboard camera as he raced around the Abu Dhabi track on his 3-liter V10-powered car. Surprisingly, their 2003 F1 car actually participated in […]

What the pedals do in a Formula 1 car?

F1 Pedals

How are F1 pedals different from pedals on road cars? It turns out quite a bit. F1 racers have far greater scope to customize their pedals for best in-car comfort. If you look back to the Austrian Grand Prix in 2022, Charles Leclerc was complaining about a pedal issue with his Ferrari F1-75 during the […]

Why Coulthard believes Ferrari will win the championship in 2023

Coulthard F1 Ferrari 2023

Despite having a positive start to the season, Ferrari failed to keep up their winning streak against Red Bull for the 2022 championship. David Coulthard, a former Formula One racer, thinks the Scuderia will pose a significant challenge in 2023. Ferrari is in a strong position to compete for the 2023 F1 World Championship, according […]

Leclerc is “ready” for his title fight against Verstappen and Hamilton

Charles Leclerc Lewis Hamilton F1

Charles Leclerc would be happy to see more competitors participate in the race in 2023 after his title challenge with Max Verstappen in 2022 lost momentum. Charles Leclerc is prepared for the possibility of competing against Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton for the World Championship. After winning two of the first three races, the Monegasque […]

Leclerc’s Ferrari problem in 2022 was “not easy to cope with”

scuderia ferrari f1 2022

Even though the season got off to a good start, Ferrari saw their chances of winning the championship fade as the 2022 F1 season went on, with one issue in particular cropping up at many race weekends. During the 2022 season, Charles Leclerc confesses that the gap between Ferrari’s qualifying and race performances was “not […]

Which F1 racers had the highest repair costs in 2022?

scuderia ferrari f1 2022

In racing, collisions are unavoidable, but which driver’s team incurred the highest damage costs from F1 collisions? The impact of collision damage on a racer’s performance has increased after the cost cap was implemented. In Formula 1, there have been a few high-profile accidents in 2022, including Guanyu Zhou’s horrific accident at Silverstone and Charles […]

Results of the F1 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

F1 2022 Abu Dhabi GP results

As Charles Leclerc took second place in the standings, Max Verstappen won his record-extending 15th Formula 1 race of the year in Abu Dhabi. As Charles Leclerc tried to take P2 in the standings, Max Verstappen finished the Formula 1 season with triumph in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Verstappen drove decisively to his 15th […]

Lecler receive a grid penalty in Austin.

Aston Martin Austin F1 2022

Italian media reported that Ferrari made the decision to offer Charles Leclerc a different engine for the United States Grand Prix. After changing to his 6th internal-combustion engine (ICE) of the season, Charles Leclerc will lose five grid positions at the US Grand Prix, according to Italian media. Leclerc is already on his fifth ICE […]

Verstappen rejects Leclerc’s prediction for the Japanese Grand Prix

Verstappen Leclerc Japanese GP 2022

Charles Leclerc’s prediction of what would occur over the duration of the weekend of the Japanese Grand Prix was rejected by Max Verstappen. Max Verstappen disagrees with Charles Leclerc, his closest Formula 1 title contender, that Suzuka will be a “Red Bull racetrack” for the Japanese Grand Prix. This weekend, Formula One comes back to […]

Hill explains why Leclerc falls short of Verstappen

max verstappen and charles leclerc 2022

Max Verstappen currently leads Charles Leclerc by 116 points in the World Championship rankings, and Damon Hill has noted a distinguishing aspect between the two racers. Damon Hill feels that Charles Leclerc lacks the same level of self-assurance that Max Verstappen has had since making his F1 debut as a youngster. Despite Ferrari having a […]