De Vries evaluates his opportunities in the F1: It’s mostly out of my control

De Vries F1

Nyck de Vries has been considering whether a chance would come for him to secure a position on the F1 grid in the upcoming season after taking part in two Free Practice 1 sessions in 2022.

De Vries F1

Nyck de Vries believes that there is not much he can do to increase his prospects of winning an F1 spot in the upcoming seasons because many factors are out of his control.

In 2022, the Dutchman has participated in two Free Practice 1 sessions. He first drove the Williams during the Spanish Grand Prix weekend before replacing for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in France.

De Vries is the current Formula E winner and serves as the Silver Arrows’ backup racer, but after his FP1 outing at Circuit Paul Ricard, Toto Wolff acknowledged that the squad could have to let him leave if they can’t give him a “interesting Formula 1 project.”

De Vries considers his prospects in the Formula One

De Vries responded that he has a limited amount of control over this when questioned if there is anything he can do to increase his opportunities of getting a position in Formula 1.

“I think in general, Formula 1 is a very dynamic industry and business, and things move very quickly,” de Vries told media, including

“The only thing I can do is my part, and all the rest is [pretty] much out of my control. So I’ll just continue to focus on that, and time will tell where I’ll end up.”

“You’ve got to be realistic”

Given his involvement in other categories, such as Formula E, De Vries was further questioned on if he is at a point in his career where he must choose whether to retire from Formula One.

“Ultimately, I don’t have the answer to that question,” the 27-year-old said.

“I very much had [the] approach from early on in my career that the only way to make sure you continue your career successfully is to perform on track and to do your best, and that’s the only thing I can do.

“Of course, we’ve seen a situation like Brendon [Hartley] coming back to Formula 1 after he’s gone off to endurance racing for a little while, so you never know what happens in the future.

“But you’ve got to be realistic and honest and, ultimately, the only thing I can control is what I’m doing on track to an extent, so that’s what I’ve tried to do, and then we’ll see.”

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