F1 will test a new qualifying plan next year

In 2023 F1 will test a new qualifying plan

In 2023, Formula One will test new qualifying regulations that will remove tyre selection during each grid-determining phase.

In 2023 F1 will test a new qualifying plan

During the 2023 season, Formula One will try out new qualifying regulations and a modest tyre distribution change.

The revamped qualifying structure, which is already part of the FIA’s Sporting Regulations, will see racers given a predefined compound for each qualifying session (Q1, Q2, and Q3) and limited to 4 tyre sets.

The new arrangement, which will be tested across two Grand Prix weekends, aims to cut the plenty of tyre sets used among drivers from 13 to 11 over the course of a grand prix.

What tyres will racers use in the qualifying tests in 2023?

The qualifying structure will stay the same, with the session divided into Q1, Q2, and Q3, although racers must utilise the same tyres as their competitors.

Drivers can currently select their tyres for testing, with some selecting for the normally quicker Soft compound and others choosing the slower but more durable Medium or Hard compound.

Drivers will be required to qualify on Hard tyres during Q1, Medium tyres during Q2, and Soft tyres during Q3 during the trial weekends in 2023.

If a set of tyres is damaged, each racer will only have access to one spare pair. On race weekends, this will restrict the number of tyres supplied to racers.


CompoundCurrent allocationTrial weekend allocationSprint weekend allocation
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