Hamilton and Ricciardo joined demands to conserve the historic Formula One track

Lando Norris Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo

Monaco appears to be destined to remain on the Formula One schedule until 2022, but with no contract in place, the number of racers demanding for the Grand Prix to be kept growing.

Lando Norris Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo

F1 spectators and racers have long debated the future of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Monte Carlo’s twisting, tight roads have given some of the sport’s most famous events for several years, and the location is still beloved by many in the paddock.

However, with the addition of cities such as Miami, Las Vegas, and Singapore to the list of Formula 1’s “glamour venues,” the event’s future has been cast into doubt.

Monaco’s Formula One future is secure, but no contract has yet been reached

McLaren CEO Zak Brown reportedly urged Monaco to “focus on ways they might alter their course” in order to prevent processional races with minimal overtaking opportunities.

He also requested that the hosts “come up to the same commercial terms as other Grands Prix,” pointing out that Monaco’s latest hosting fee is only $15 million, far less than Saudi Arabia’s hefty $50 million contract.

Despite the fact that no new arrangement has been reached for Monte Carlo to continue on the schedule, Michel Boeri, President of the Automobile Club de Monaco, has promised that the event would take place until 2022.

For the time being, the sport waits for an official announcement, with Pierre Gasly leading the charge to keep the event running.

Monaco is important to both Ricciardo and Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo, the champions of the Monaco Grand Prix, have now endorsed Gasly’s position. They’re open to new sites joining the schedule, including as Miami and Las Vegas, but they want F1 to stay true to its history.

“Monaco is special,” said Ricciardo, speaking to members of the media, including RacingNews365.com.

“The thing is, I love the addition of some of these new circuits and new cities that we’re going to. I’m all for it, because it’s new experiences and it’s engaging another audience, which is fun and it keeps the sport growing.

“I like sharing the sport with more of the globe and ultimately sharing our passion with more people.

“I think, with that, you still want those core F1 venues and circuits such as Monaco, which is a special weekend.”

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