Hamilton makes assumptions as Formula One gears up for the’massive’ Miami race

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On May 8, F1 will hold the first of two races in the United States scheduled for 2022, as the motorsport started to gain popularity in the United States.

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After finally attracting a large number of American sports fans, Lewis Hamilton thinks Formula 1 will be here to remain in the United States.

On May 8, the all-new Miami International Autodrome will host F1’s first race in Florida in over 60 years.

The track is one of three in the United States with an F1 deal, with a race in Las Vegas scheduled to debut in 2023.

And, according to Hamilton, a race in Miami’s party city signifies the end of F1’s lengthy battle to get into the American market.

The build-up to Miami has been “tense”

The Miami Grand Prix, which will be hosted on a constructed racetrack on the area of the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, has received over 250,000 registrations.

Hamilton first requested that F1 hold a race in Miami in 2017, saying that it was at the top of his wish list.

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“It’s been nerve-wracking because it’s going to be huge, such a huge event for us,” Hamilton said, speaking on Good Morning America.

“We obviously have the race in Austin, Texas, which has always been amazing.

“The first race I had out here was Indianapolis in 2007 but now, with the Netflix series Drive To Survive growing, we have two Grands Prix in the States, and then we have another one in Vegas next year. It’s going to be huge.”

F1 is here to stay in the US, says Hamilton

Thanks to his close contacts with some of the global’s top Hollywood icons, Hamilton breached the US market a few years ago.

However, Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris’ reputations in the United States have risen thanks to Drive to Survive.

“I think so, definitely,” Hamilton answered when questioned if F1 is here to stay in the American market. “I’ve been coming out here for a long time, but I’ve never understood why so few people are interested in Formula 1.”

“Everyone knew NASCAR and, obviously, you’ve got such huge sports fans out here.

“But, as I said, the Netflix show, particularly through the pandemic, has just brought massive awareness to the sport, and now it’s booming.”

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