Hamilton believes Mercedes have outperformed Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton

Despite their various performance levels in Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes, rather than Red Bull, succeeded in preparing for the beginning of the 2022 F1 season.

Lewis Hamilton

Despite falling a little behind in terms of outright performance in Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton reckons Mercedes has performed a “better job” preparing for the 2022 Formula One season and the regulatory changes.

Hamilton and his new teammate George Russell placed third and fourth in Sunday’s season opener, accumulating a large number of points from what appeared to be an otherwise poor weekend for the defending Constructors’ World Champions.

However, Hamilton believes the results were the consequence of hard effort and strategy, rather than luck, after the two Red Bulls stopped with seemingly identical mechanical issues in the last circuits of the race.

Hamilton: Mercedes has done a better job than Red Bull in terms of preparation

“Of course, we were fortunate, but ultimately we’ve done a better job – we have better reliability,” Hamilton told media, including RacingNews365.com, after claiming an unexpected podium place.

“I wouldn’t say that’s luck. I think this is the hard work of everyone.

“It’s such a long season. It’s going to be such a hard battle, but we love a challenge – I really do enjoy a challenge.

“It is a privilege for all of us to be able to work with large teams of people who are hungry, who are focused on a common goal. There’s no greater feeling when you all come together and you get a result like this.”

Hamilton says every point will count in the race for the title

Given that Lewis leads Verstappen by 15 points during the first race and is only 11 points behind early leader Leclerc, the seven-time World Champion emphasised the significance of seizing every chance.

“I’ve lost world titles with just one point,” he commented.

“Whilst we’re currently not necessarily – performance-wise – fighting with these guys [Ferrari], as I mentioned, this is not [just] damage limitation, but just a really, really great result.

“I think, in terms of our processes, in terms of squeezing absolutely everything out of the car, that’s what we did, for both drivers, and I think that’s a true showing of strength within.”

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