Hamilton is ready to ‘attack’ in F1 2022 season

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he will return to Formula One in 2022, rejecting doubts over his future that has grown during the winter.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton stated emphatically that he “never, ever said” he would retire from racing as he guaranteed his return to the Formula One grid in 2022.

Following his social media silence following last year’s contentious F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi, speculation grew that the seven-time World Champion may retire.

Hamilton, on the other hand, has recently came back to the Mercedes factory for pre-season training and believes he is motivated to “attack” the upcoming season and F1’s overhauled technical rules.

Hamilton confirms F1 stay for 2022

Hamilton revealed how he processed Abu Dhabi over the winter break and touched on his present thinking when asked about the recent speculation surrounding his future at the introduction of Mercedes’ 2022 vehicle, the W13.

“I never, ever said I was going to stop,” Hamilton stressed.

“I love doing what I do and it is such a privilege working with this large group of people. It really feels like you’re part of a family, part of a team and working towards that common goal – there’s no feeling quite like it.

Lewis Hamilton

“It was obviously a difficult time for me, a time where I really needed to take a step back, focus on being present.

“I had my family around me, creating great moments, and I eventually got to a point when I decided I was going to be attacking again coming into another season, working with Toto [Wolff] and George [Russell].

“It is exciting seeing George coming in and bringing his energy; I can already feel that throughout the team. I think it’s going to be an exciting season.”

What are Hamilton’s goals for 2022?

Hamilton did not indicate his personal intentions for 2022, but said that everyone at Mercedes is concentrated on extending the team’s record-setting run of Constructors’ world championships to nine.

“Going into this year, I haven’t really set any goals,” said Hamilton.

“I think every single individual within this team has worked towards the ultimate goal of winning the World Championship.

“Again, [it’s about] raising the bar and doing something that no one else has ever done before. We’ve done eight, now we’ve got to move on to the next one.”

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