Hill explains why Leclerc falls short of Verstappen

max verstappen and charles leclerc 2022

Max Verstappen currently leads Charles Leclerc by 116 points in the World Championship rankings, and Damon Hill has noted a distinguishing aspect between the two racers.

max verstappen and charles leclerc 2022

Damon Hill feels that Charles Leclerc lacks the same level of self-assurance that Max Verstappen has had since making his F1 debut as a youngster.

Despite Ferrari having a great beginning to the 2022 race, Leclerc’s chances of winning the title have decreased as the year has gone on, with Verstappen presently leading the rankings by 116 points.

In the latest interview with the Italian journal Gazetta dello Sport, former Scuderia manager Jean Todt, whose son Nicolas is Leclerc’s manager, said that the 24-year-old racer “still lacks something.”

Hill believes that Leclerc’s “worry” is very different from Verstappen’s strategy in terms of what this might be.

Hill explains the differences between Verstappen and Leclerc

“I think it is that sense of confidence that Max has [that Leclerc lacks],” Hill told the F1 Nation podcast.

“The first time we interviewed [Verstappen], he came on Sky [Sports] and [he was a] 17-year-old guy, and he just knew how to handle himself. He just had so much confidence. It was utterly unbelievable for a 17-year-old.

“Charles is a very charming, intelligent kid, but he’s anxious. He’s got an anxiety there.”

Hill believes that Leclerc’s tendency to admit to mistakes differs from some other drivers.

“The first time I heard him say, ‘I’m really sorry, guys, that was all my fault’, I just thought, ‘I can’t imagine Michael Schumacher saying that ever!'” the 1996 World Champion added.

Verstappen “well adapted” to handle pressure

On paper, there is a potential that Verstappen might win his second title in the Singapore Grand Prix, thus the Dutchman might be feeling under stress now that his prospects of clinching Championship are improving.

The Red Bull racer won’t have excessive strain, according to Hill, despite the situation.

“If you ask him a question about [if he is] worried about something, he goes, ‘No, I don’t think it’s a problem, it’ll work out, it’ll be what it is’,” Hill said.

“His philosophy is perfectly adapted now to coping with the pressure of Formula 1. You can put it out of your mind – that is the tactic. That is what every sportsman has to do.

“You cannot get ahead of yourself. You’ve got to do the job you’re there to do, and he reiterates that every time you interview him.

“Also he’s got the [first] one in the bag. If it was his first

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, then there would be some tension, I think.”

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