Leclerc’s Ferrari problem in 2022 was “not easy to cope with”

scuderia ferrari f1 2022

Even though the season got off to a good start, Ferrari saw their chances of winning the championship fade as the 2022 F1 season went on, with one issue in particular cropping up at many race weekends.

scuderia ferrari f1 2022

During the 2022 season, Charles Leclerc confesses that the gap between Ferrari’s qualifying and race performances was “not easy to cope with.”

In comparison to Max Verstappen, the race winner, the Monegasque won nine pole positions during the year.

Verstappen set a record by winning 15 races on the way to his second championship, while Leclerc finished the season with just three wins, and as the season went on, the Scuderia’s challenge against Red Bull faded.

Leclerc admits that it was challenging on Sundays for the Italian squad because of issues which include strategy blunders, racer errors, and reliability issues.

Leclerc considers Sunday problems

Leclerc told the reporters, including, “It’s obviously not the easiest thing to deal with.”

“But, on the other hand, you just need to be honest with yourself and maximise the package you have.

“[During 2022 we were] just struggling in the races, or at least Red Bull seemed to do a step forward in the races that we don’t seem to [have been able to] find for now.”

Leclerc believes Ferrari will be able to fix the issue moving forward.

He continued, “”We are looking into it and I hope we can find that next step very soon.

The areas on which Ferrari is focusing for 2023

Leclerc believed that he had observed some encouraging signals during the final races of 2022 regarding areas in which Ferrari could make progress for the upcoming season.

“I did [see improvements] in strategy and communication. I think we are improving [in that],” the five-time race winner said.

“In terms of tyre management, there’s still quite a bit of work to do.

“I do believe that there are some signs that we are going into the right direction, but now we just need to put them all together in order to show it.”

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