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All amazing records in Formula 1 of Sebastian Vettel

sebastian vettel f1 records

Let’s look back on Sebastian Vettel’s journey after the German driver announced his retirement from Formula One at the end of 2022. As Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement at the end of the 2022 season, his spectacular Formula 1 journey came to an end. The German, who earned four World Championship championships and 53 Grands Prix over 299 […]

Hamilton get ready for 2023 with penguins in Antarctica 

Lewis Hamilton F1 2023 Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time F1 World Champion, currently traveled to Antarctica as part of his preparation for the 2023 season. The majority of racers go to the gym to put themselves through the demanding training required to compete in an F1 season. Lewis Hamilton made the decision to travel to Antarctica to practice in the cold […]

What are the 2023 changes of the F1 technical regulations

F1 technical regulations 2023 1

In 2023, there will be some significant technical modifications, as discusses in the video below. The type of Formula 1 car that was released in 2022 was groundbreaking as it was the first time since the 1980s that ground effects were being used. The previous designs of vehicles, which create downforce by sucking the car to […]

De Vries stretched to the limit in preparation for his first full F1 season

De Vries Williams

The trainer pushes the Dutchman to the limit in order to help him get ready for his first complete F1 season, which also seems to be the longest ever. In preparation for what will be the longest Formula 1 season ever, Nyck de Vries has been training hard to be in shape. His performance trainer, […]

Tour around Mercedes engine factory with Wolff, Hamilton, and Russell

mercedes factory tour f1

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell from Mercedes made a visit to the squad’s High Performance Powertrains factory in Brixworth, where there is a lot of work being done in preparation for the 2023 Formula One season. Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and Toto Wolff made a special visit to the Mercedes workers at the team’s High […]

Alonso is welcomed at Aston Martin before 2023 Formula One season

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin F1 2023

Aston Martin celebrated the start of the New Year by posting a video of Fernando Alonso, their racer for the next season this year. Aston Martin has currently released a clip welcoming Fernando Alonso to the team for 2023. Following the New Year’s festivities, the British team decided to commemorate the occasion by posting a brief video […]

How much champagne costs in Formula One?

Nico Rosberg F1 Mercedes

Since the 1960s, champagne has been a traditional feature of the post-race celebrations in Formula 1, but how expensive are these bottles? Although sparkling wine has lately replaced champagne on the podium when Ferrari Trento signed an deal, champagne has nevertheless played a significant role in post-race festivities. The celebration’s beginnings can be traced back to the […]

Why Coulthard believes Ferrari will win the championship in 2023

Coulthard F1 Ferrari 2023

Despite having a positive start to the season, Ferrari failed to keep up their winning streak against Red Bull for the 2022 championship. David Coulthard, a former Formula One racer, thinks the Scuderia will pose a significant challenge in 2023. Ferrari is in a strong position to compete for the 2023 F1 World Championship, according […]

What happens during an F1 seat fitting?

F1 seat fit 2023

For the racer’s comfort throughout what might be protracted races in Formula 1, a well-designed seat is crucial. But how do the teams ensure that they are millimeter-perfect? The seats in Formula 1 are different from those in a regular road car. An F1 seat, in contrast, is custom-made to the racer down to the […]

Ken Block, a legendary rally driver, passes away at age 55 after a snowmobile accident

Ken Block

Popular motorsports figure Ken Block has died after an incident at his ranch in Utah. After a snowmobile accident at his farm in Utah, the United States, rally legend Ken Block passed away at the age of 55. According to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, Block was racing his snowmobile down a steep hill when […]