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Mercedes issued a warning against “too much” experimentation in the pursuit of gains

Mercedes F1 2022

Despite the fact that Mercedes finished first at the French Grand Prix, George Russell believes the squad is experimenting with their setups excessively throughout race weekends. Mercedes has been urged by George Russell to cut back on the number of experiments they use in practise. Mercedes nearly won every F1 championship between 2014 and 2021, […]

Horner considers the strong Mercedes rivalry from 2021

Horner 2021

Without a doubt, both on and off the racetrack, the 2021 Formula 1 race was one of the most competitive in recent memory. Max Verstappen of Red Bull was putting everything he had into winning his first world championship as Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton battled for a record-breaking eighth championship. The two racers’ heated struggle […]

In response to Lauda’s absence, Wolff says, “I miss him”

Wolff F1 2022

Over three years have passed since Niki Lauda’s passing. However, according to Toto Wolff, his compatriot’s absence from the Mercedes family is still severely felt. Even though it has been three years since the three-time World Champion passed away, Toto Wolff, the team manager of Mercedes, says he always misses Lauda as a friend and […]

Without the first-lap collision, Hamilton estimates where he would have placed

Hamilton F1 GP

Lewis Hamilton believes his 5th place performance in the Spanish Grand Prix felt familiar to him. If it hadn’t been for his first-lap collision with Kevin Magnussen, Lewis Hamilton feels he would have been racing in front with the Red Bull drivers during the Spanish Grand Prix. After a mishap that put him behind by the […]

Why Wolff thinks Hamilton has a chance to win?

wolff hamilton

Despite his first-lap crash, Toto Wolff was certain that Lewis Hamilton would have been a contender for win in the Spanish Grand Prix. Toto Wolff feels Lewis Hamilton would have raced for the win in Spain if he hadn’t collided with Kevin Magnussen on the opening lap. Around the outside of Turn 4, the Mercedes […]

Rosberg is worried about Mercedes as he sees ‘strain rising’

Toto Wolff Nico Rosberg PA

Internal strain and pressure at Mercedes are increasing, according to Nico Rosberg, and it’s only reasonable given the team’s latest performance woes. Nico Rosberg has spoken out about “increased pressure” at Mercedes, with the defending Constructors’ Champions having no chance to join the championship challenge with Red Bull and Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton finished 13th, a lap behind defending champion […]

Following the Saudi Grand Prix, Hamilton’s car is subjected to intensive FIA checks


Following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the FIA stated that Lewis Hamilton’s car was hauled away for mechanical checks. According to FIA papers, Lewis Hamilton’s car was subjected to a more thorough examination directly following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Although every car that finishes a race is subjected to post-race inspection, the FIA decided […]

Lewis Hamilton left ‘gutted’ after a potential comeback fails

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton expected a better scores result in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but his race was stopped by a late pit stop. When a Virtual Safety Car was used – and the pit lane was locked – during Sunday’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said he was “gutted.” Hamilton had recovered from 15th […]

Why is Mercedes pleased with the FIA’s report on Abu Dhabi?

Lewis Hamilton

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes manager, has responded to the FIA’s investigation on last year’s championship Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. F1’s governing body, the FIA, has published a report on the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which Toto Wolff has lauded as a “positive step forward.” Last year’s championship decider was dominated by Mercedes driver Lewis […]