Following the Saudi Grand Prix, Hamilton’s car is subjected to intensive FIA checks


Following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the FIA stated that Lewis Hamilton’s car was hauled away for mechanical checks.


According to FIA papers, Lewis Hamilton’s car was subjected to a more thorough examination directly following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Although every car that finishes a race is subjected to post-race inspection, the FIA decided to implement a purely random examination ahead of the 2021 season.

Any automobile that places in the top ten can be pulled aside and subjected to extensive inspections outside of the normal scrutineering areas.

Hamilton’s car has been chosen for thorough checks

Hamilton’s W13 was chosen in this situation, with the FIA outlining which aspects of the car drew their attention.

“After the race, car number 44 [Hamilton] was randomly chosen among the top 10 cars for more extensive physical inspections,” read the document.

“Subject to these physical inspections were all front inboard suspension components.”

However, Hamilton, who ranked 10th, has no reason to believe that his solitary point will be taken away due to an infraction.

The report confirmed: “All inspected components were found to be in compliance with the 2022 Formula 1 Technical Regulations.”

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