Lewis Hamilton calls the work Red Bull has done so far “phenomenal”

max verstappen lewis hamilton f1 2022

Lewis Hamilton concedes that Red Bull is currently the clear favourite for both title championships in 2022 and that this year’s competition is different from years past.

max verstappen lewis hamilton f1 2022

Lewis Hamilton appreciated Red Bull’s work and stated that they are performing at a higher level than other teams this year.

Hamilton acknowledged that Red Bull’s RB18 design team, under the direction of Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey, had done a “phenomenal” work of comprehending this year’s Technical Regulations.

“Red Bull has the aerodynamic balance right, they never have any problems with bumps or anything like that and they’re just a great team,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1.

“You just have to take your hat off to them. They’ve done a phenomenal job.”

“Adrian Newey generally doesn’t build bad cars. My first championship car [in 2007] was an evolution of his design!

“I know he has written his dissertation on ground effect floors in the past, so it’s no surprise that the team has been able to take advantage of that.”

More than merely a company of energy drinks

When Hamilton was a McLaren racer more than ten years ago, he said: “It is an energy drink manufacturer versus teams like McLaren and Ferrari and their history.” Hamilton then wandered back those comments.

Speaking to reporters, such as RacingNews365.com, the Mercedes racer claims that his statements were not intended to be taken negatively.

“Everything I’ve said about the team in the past I didn’t mean negatively. A few years ago I think I said something about the fact that they are an energy drink manufacturer, or something like that.

“I was only trying to indicate that you would normally put your money on a car manufacturer. But they proved me wrong. They did a very good job.”

Hamilton added that the squad’s recent improvements in speed are also due to the Honda engines.

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Hamilton said: “Previously, Red Bull was used to a high ride height and they had more drag. I think this year they noticed that their engine isn’t slower than others at all.

“It had more to do with drag in previous years. They did a fantastic job.”

“However, I believe in the young guys in our team and that with their help we can overtake Red Bull.”

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