Mercedes unveils the 2022 Formula One car as Hamilton makes his comeback


Mercedes has unveiled the W13, their 2022 Formula One car, with which the current Constructors’ Champions want to extend their championship winning streak.


The W13, one of the most eagerly anticipated Formula One engines for 2022, was introduced to the public on Friday morning by Mercedes.

The 2022 car is the first machine constructed by the Brackley-based team to comply with F1’s revolutionary new rules, despite the team having won eight Constructors’ Championships in a row, including 2021.

The W13 was unveiled at the Silverstone Circuit during an online unveiling attended by team manager Toto Wolff and the two racing drivers.

A new signing has taken place. George Russell sat with legendary teammate Lewis Hamilton, who was making his first media appearance since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021.

After 2 months of racing in a deep black paint scheme, the W13 has reverted to silver livery, as planned. The colour scheme for 2022 is now much more comparable to the one used between 2010 and 2019.

Mercedes to hold shakedown on Friday afternoon

Mercedes will utilise one of their two yearly filming days after the introduction to do a systems check and shakedown of the W13 at Silverstone.

According to filming day restrictions, the car will be shod with special Pirelli tyres for the occasion, and Russell and Hamilton will be limited to a total driving distance of 100 kilometres.

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