Sainz issues a warning to Leclerc and Verstappen, saying, “I’m not 100 percent yet”

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz was disappointed after his weekend in Bahrain, but he leaves Saudi Arabia with a renewed sense of optimism about his chances of victory.

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz thinks he’s made significant progress in his attempt to master his new Ferrari F1-75 and compete in the World Championship.

Sainz said that he began the season on the backfoot against teammate Charles Leclerc, having trailed the Monegasque across the finish line at both the Bahrain and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

In Jeddah, it was Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who won the race after a close duel with Leclerc in the closing laps.

Sainz could only observe the battle unfold on the horizon, being unable participate in the battle for the top.

But he’s pleased with his third-place performance in Saudi Arabia, and he’s told Verstappen and Leclerc that there’s many more to come as he tries to challenge for the title.

“I was happier than in Bahrain, definitely. There’s been a bit of progress done from my side of the garage with the feeling of the car,” he told media.

Despite his difficulties, Sainz has scored a lot of points

Despite frequently following Leclerc on the racetrack over the first two rounds of the new season, Sainz has managed to score significant points in both races.

He finishes second in the World Drivers’ rankings in Jeddah, with 33 points (12 behind Leclerc and 8 ahead of race winner Verstappen), and feels like he’s made significant progress.

Sainz continued: “Having the opportunity to come back to this track, only 100 days after we were here with last year’s car, has given me a much clearer picture of the type of corner and the two or three corners that I’m still lacking with this car.

“It’s quite clear for me now. It has given me a great opportunity to understand fully the magnitude of how much I need to adapt and how much I need to get the car a bit more to my liking, and I felt like, today, we did a small step in the right direction.

“While I’m still not 100 percent with the car, to keep bringing the points and the podiums is important until I get back to 100 percent – and then it will be time to join these guys at the top for the fight.”

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