Video: How Ferrari handled a dramatic Canada GP

Ferrari Canada GP

Ferrari attacked the Canadian Grand Prix, with Carlos Sainz following Max Verstappen for the top and Charles Leclerc attempting to overtake him after beginning P19 on the grid. Insight is provided by new clips about how the squad managed everything.

Ferrari Canada GP

Ferrari experienced a rough weekend at the Canadian Grand Prix, as evidenced by fresh video that the team has made available.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc both focused on attacking throughout the majority of the race on Sunday. Sainz barely missed out on his first Formula One win by attempting to put strain on the leader Max Verstappen in the final laps, while Leclerc put in a strong recovery attempt to complete P5 after beginning from P19 on the grid.

A recent Scuderia video demonstrates how anxious it was for spectators in the garage.

Additionally, there are scenes from the entire Grand Prix build-up, including brief glimpses of the racers starting to get ready for the ninth race of the year.

Watch Ferrari’s latest SF Full Access video below!

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