Why Leclerc believes Ferrari can get better after failures

scuderia ferrari Leclerc

Following a number of challenging races, Charles Leclerc’s 80-point lead to Max Verstappen in the World Championship has increased. However, the Monegasque is confident in Ferrari’s potential to bounce back.

scuderia ferrari Leclerc

After committing mistakes in previous races, Charles Leclerc has stated what gives him hope that Ferrari may get better.

In the World Championship, Max Verstappen now has an edge of 80 points over Charles Leclerc, while Red Bull has a lead of roughly 100 points over Ferrari in the Constructors’.

Leclerc has twice lost a race due to mistakes he committed, notably his fall out of the lead in the French Grand Prix. On other instances, the Scuderia’s poor approach has caused Leclerc to lose positions.

Previous time around in Hungary, Leclerc made the mistake of switching to Hard tyres during his second stint, which cost him and dropped him to P6 by the finish line.

Leclerc thinks Ferrari still has “work to do”

Leclerc claims that he and the company put a lot of effort into figuring out why things go wrong, but he also recognizes that they still have a long way to go.

“Let’s say that we know we need to work on that,” Leclerc told the BBC.

“We want to do absolutely everything to get better in every single thing we do, and obviously looking at the first part of this season, there have been some strategy problems, there have been some reliability problems and there have been driving mistakes.

“On reliability and strategy, we are working extremely hard to get better.

“And after a mistake, we always go through exactly the same process, which is to try and analyse from where the mistakes come, why did we take the wrong decision at a certain point of the race, in order to go forwards.

“As soon as we understand a mistake, then we can move on.”

Leclerc “sure” Ferrari can get over problems

Leclerc claims that he and partner Carlos Sainz are “very involved” in the conversations and that he is “certain” that they will improve.

Leclerc said when questioned what gives him this assurance, “The manner that we work, because I know how difficult it’s been the last several years to come back to where we are.

“And I know that we arrived to that level because for two years we have been working on those weaknesses of the car.

“So, we still have weaknesses and we need to work on them. But if we work as well as we did in the last two years on other weaknesses, I am confident we will overcome them.”

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