Ferrari makes a significant donation to help Ukrainians in need


Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which resulted in millions of people who are fleeing the nation, Ferrari is doing their part to assist refugees.


Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ferrari has given a one-million-euro donation to support Ukrainians in need.

Russia has began a significant air, land, and sea attack on Ukraine, resulting in a tremendous migration of refugees that has expanded from hundreds of thousands to millions in a matter of days.

As the war continues and more refugees come in Europe, a constant stream of high-profile firms have made donations to help, with Ferrari announcing their plans on Tuesday.

Ferrari will sponsor international humanitarian efforts in support of Ukraine, as well as advocacy work for refugees in the Italian region, in collaboration with the Red Cross and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

Furthermore, aid will be sent to the Chernobyl Association of Maranello (founded in the aftermath of the 1986 nuclear disaster) to help Ukrainians who will be hosted in the area.

Ferrari is contributing and hoping for a “peaceful solution”

Ferrari has also decided to halt vehicle manufacturing for the Russian market until further notice, stating that they will “continue to closely watch the situation and will always obey all rules, regulations, and penalties.”

“Ferrari stands alongside everyone in Ukraine affected by this ongoing humanitarian crisis,” said Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna, as the company’s donation was announced.

“While we hope for a rapid return to dialogue and a peaceful solution, we cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of everyone affected. Our thoughts and support go out to them.

“We are playing our small part alongside the institutions that are bringing immediate relief to this situation.”

The Russian Grand Prix was eliminated from the Formula One schedule, and Haas parted relations with Russian driver Nikita Mazepin and Russian sponsor Uralkali.

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