How can Red Bull and Mercedes acquire an advantage over Ferrari in the blink of an eye?

Red Bull and Mercedes

In Bahrain, Ferrari won, with Charles Leclerc driving the Italian team to a 1-2 finish, leaving Mercedes and Red Bull a long way behind.

Red Bull and Mercedes

Ferrari has created a car enabling them to World Championship success in 2022, if the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix provides any indication.

After a thrilling race-long duel with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc led the team to a 1-2 finish on Sunday.

Over the course of the race, the two swapped positions six times, but it was pole-sitter Leclerc who took the lead.

Three of the four Honda-powered cars suffered mechanical problems during the last circuits, leaving Red Bull empty-handed after finishing second on the road to Ferrari in Bahrain.

Mercedes, on the other hand, took advantage of the situation to finish third and fourth with a car that was unable to catch pace with the race winners, Ferrari.

Pit-stops proved crucial during the Bahrain GP

Red Bull and Mercedes, on the other hand, can close the gap on Ferrari if they enhance their pit-stop times in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The mid-race tyre adjustments, which were made much more difficult for technicians by F1’s new 18-inch diameter Pirelli tyres, proved important in the battle for the lead, with Red Bull reaping the benefits of a powerful undercut twice to close in on race winner Leclerc.

Verstappen was able to obtain a lead in the first instance before losing it seconds later – something that may have been avoided with a quicker pit stop.

Ferrari’s fastest pit-stop time (2.33 seconds) was just under three tenths of a second faster than Red Bull’s (2.62 seconds), but no team was able to beat McLaren’s record-breaking time (2.31 seconds).

Mercedes have the most to gain in the pit lane

Mercedes, on the other hand, have the most pit-stop time to improve of the front-running drivers, with Lewis Hamilton’s fastest stop in Bahrain (3.45 seconds) being about a second slower than Ferrari’s.

If they find themselves contending for position with Ferrari cars in Saudi Arabia, that one-second gap may be the distinction between moving ahead of them during a vital pit-stop phase.

During the Bahrain Grand Prix, eight teams set faster pit-stop times, with Williams and Alpine joining McLaren and Ferrari at the top of the list.

The Haas technicians have a lot of homework on their hands as they get accustomed to replacing the sport’s new 18-inch tyres, with Kevin Magnussen’s fastest stop clocking in at 3.57 seconds.


PositionDriverTeamBest stop (secs)
8.VerstappenRed Bull2.62
9.TsunodaAlpha Tauri2.62
10.PerezRed Bull2.63
12.GaslyAlpha Tauri2.78
13.StrollAston Martin2.80
14.BottasAlfa Romeo3.10
15.HulkenbergAston Martin3.26
16.ZhouAlfa Romeo3.27
Cre: RN365

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