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Alonso believes that DRS will always be necessary for F1 entertainment

While DRS may not be for everyone, Fernando Alonso believes it is here to stay and that F1 would be less entertaining without it. The drag reduction technology, which may be employed when a driver is a second or fewer behind the car in front, has been on the grid since the start of the […]

Rosberg seems to prefer Hamilton to Max for the title

Although Max Verstappen is a “giant” right now, Nico Rosberg believes Lewis Hamilton will still win the World Championship. Rosberg is the only driver to have beaten Hamilton to a World Championship, with the German winning in 2016 before announcing his retirement and hanging up his helmet a few days later. Since then, it’s been […]

Hamilton’s stop at COTA was his ‘main opportunity’

Mercedes believes that stopping for hard tyres on lap eight of the United States Grand Prix could have been a winning strategy for Lewis Hamilton. For most of the final 20 laps in Austin, it appeared as if Hamilton’s two pit stops were perfectly timed to allow him to pass Max Verstappen for the victory. […]

Daniel Ricciardo: Being dirty every now and then is alright!

In his ongoing battle with Carlos Sainz in Austin, Daniel Ricciardo made no apologies for being a little “dirty.” McLaren and Ferrari are competing for third position in the Constructors’ Championship, while their other three drivers were all closely matched at the United States Grand Prix, with the exception of Charles Leclerc, who cleared off […]

Fernando Alonso: ‘I should have left F1 earlier than 2018’

Fernando Alonso says he regrets waiting until 2018 to leave Formula One and pursue other opportunities. Alonso, a two-time World Champion, was unable to add to his titles from 2005 and 2006 during subsequent stays with McLaren, Renault, and Ferrari. After that, Alonso returned to McLaren for 2015, but it was a challenging year as […]

Lewis Hamilton: It’s not my job to worry about Mercedes engine issues

Lewis Hamilton has dismissed reports of engine issues at Mercedes, claiming that he isn’t devoting “any energy” to the matter. During the final races of the season, Lewis Hamilton is unconcerned with engine problems at Mercedes, noting that “it’s not my job to worry about that stuff.” After receiving a grid penalty for switching engines […]

Mika Hakkinen: I can understand why Hamilton stayed out

Lewis Hamilton’s decision to pit for new Intermediate tyres, according to Mika Hakkinen, was the right one, as he would have risk failing to finish in Turkey if he had stayed out. Despite the fact that Lewis Hamilton’s choice to stay on the heavily used Intermediate tyres didn’t work out, Mika Hakkinen understands why the […]

Coulthard: Hamilton has a remarkable number of minor incidents

The number of minor errors Lewis Hamilton has made in 2021, as according David Coulthard, is proof that he is under pressure. David Coulthard is astonished by Lewis Hamilton’s “remarkable” number of minor errors in 2021, despite the fact that the Mercedes driver got away with the most of them. Unlike prior seasons, when Hamilton […]

Formula 1: Hamilton is a good at hiding pressure

Lewis Hamilton, according to Timo Glock, knows how to hide the fact that he is under strain in the World Championship race. Timo Glock, a former Formula One driver who now works as a TV pundit, says Lewis Hamilton is a skilled at hiding the fact that he is under pressure from Max Verstappen in […]

Webber cautions that ‘magician’ Alonso might ‘pose a threat’ in 2022

If Alpine can nail the regulation changes for 2022, Mark Webber believes Fernando Alonso may return to the top of Formula One. Mark Webber believes Fernando Alonso has all of his race-day abilities, and believes the Spaniard has a chance to return to the top of Formula One in 2022 provided Alpine can give him […]