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Lewis Hamilton claims that his “new drive” in Formula One has made him “stronger than ever”

Hamilton claims that his “new drive” in Formula One has given him “real purpose” and made him “stronger than I’ve ever been.” In the midst of this year’s raging title race with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, the seven-time world champion claims his work off the track is providing him more power on it. As part […]

Ricciardo: Hamilton’s experience will not help him win the Formula One championship

Lewis Hamilton’s experience in Formula One title fights, according to Daniel Ricciardo, does not offer him an advantage over Max Verstappen. With five circuits remaining, Verstappen leads Hamilton by 12 points after his eighth victory of the season at the Circuit of the Americas. Verstappen won the race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in 2017 […]

With a “optimized” F1 engine, Mercedes should be more competitive in Mexico

Mercedes should be stronger than in prior years in Formula One’s Mexican Grand Prix this weekend, according to Valtteri Bottas, who believes the company has “optimized” its power unit. Because the air is 25% less dense than typical, the demands of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, which sits over 2000m above sea level, have usually equalized […]

Ricciardo is concerned about Ferrari’s progress: They’re a step ahead now

As the two legendary teams battle for third place, McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo has stated that it will be difficult to keep Ferrari behind. Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren feels Ferrari will be difficult to contain in the final few races of the 2021 World Championship, as the two teams battle for third place in the standings. […]

Sebastian Vettel: I got drunk the day before my FIA hearing!

Sebastian Vettel has revealed that he was drunk the day before his 2017 FIA hearing for collision with Lewis Hamilton in Azerbaijan. Sebastian Vettel has confessed that he drank the night before his FIA hearing in Paris for his collision with Lewis Hamilton at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Vettel, then driving for Ferrari, was […]

Ross Brawn: F1 is no longer just a cult hobby in the United States

The fan engagement at the United States Grand Prix, according to Ross Brawn, shows why the country can host at least two races per season in the future. The level of fan engagement at the United States Grand Prix impressed Ross Brawn, who believes it shows that the sport has evolved from a “cult hobby” […]

Sergio Perez: Everything will feel bad with 2022 F1 cars

Sergio Perez is uncertain that the next generation of Formula One cars will be able to compete with the current generation. Sergio Perez feels that the 2022 F1 cars will “feel bad” when compared to their 2021 counterparts, despite the fact that this year’s machines are commonly considered as the best in terms of driveability […]

Wolff admits to ‘biting back’ at Hamilton in the past: I had to make a point

Toto Wolff praises Lewis Hamilton’s maturity, but confesses that there were some difficult moments in their first days of working together. Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, has confessed that he was not afraid to “bite back” at Lewis Hamilton if he wanted to make a point during their early days of working together. Wolff […]

Hill explains why Alpine may be struggling against their competitors

Alpine has had mixed fortunes in the 2021 Formula One season, and Damon Hill believes they may have fallen behind in one area. Damon Hill believes Alpine has struggled to keep up with its rivals in terms of car development, resulting in a season of mixed results. During the 2021 season, the French manufacturer showed […]

Hamilton discusses how his ‘horrendous’ first title defense differs from Verstappen’s

Max Verstappen is competing for his first Formula One world championship. Lewis Hamilton, his competitor, won his first title in 2008, although he acknowledges it wasn’t always a pleasant journey. Max Verstappen, according to Lewis Hamilton, is considerably better prepared for his first F1 title fight than he was, with the Briton describing his maiden […]