Ferrari wants Race Control to make “sharper decisions”

Ferrari F1 2022

The Safety Car decision made during the Canadian Grand Prix, according to Mattia Binotto, was made too late.

Ferrari F1 2022

After being disappointed with the time of the Safety Car call at the Canadian Grand Prix, Ferrari chairman Mattia Binotto has urged for Race Control to take “shaper judgments” in the future.

When Yuki Tsunoda wrecked on his way out of the pits on Lap 49, he was leading the polls ahead of Max Verstappen.

The Scuderia promptly decided to pit Sainz, although Binotto was scathing of the time it took for the Safety Car to be called.

“I think it took very long to decide for the Safety Car,” Binotto told media, including

“At [that] moment Carlos was leading the race, and I think that the Safety Car had been released when he was just at the end of the main straight coming into the last corner.

“The team has been very, very good in reacting, and the driver himself as well, coming into the pit.

“I think we had only one second to react. We reacted within one second. Without that good reaction, it would have been very difficult and a bad situation for Carlos.

“We need sharper decisions. [For me], it took very long [for Race Control] to decide.”

What would have occurred if the Safety Car hadn’t arrived on the scene?

When questioned if Sainz could have held off Verstappen if there hadn’t been a late Safety Car, Binotto concedes that it’s difficult to say how things would have gone.

“[It’s] difficult to judge,” the team boss explained.

“We knew that in order to defend, [Sainz] should have been very fast on track, a case of 17.4 or 17.3 on each lap, because Max was very fast behind.

“It would have been very close, no doubt.”

The threat posed by third-placed Lewis Hamilton was another concern for Ferrari’s strategy considerations, according to Binotto.

“[We were asking], should we stay on track or should we pit, simply to protect as well from Lewis, who had fresh tyres as well and was very fast behind,” he continued.

“So we were monitoring [the situation] very closely. I think it’s very difficult to judge and to say how the race would have finished without the final Safety Car.”

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